We have a new weekly feature on the Ethan and Lou Morning Radio Show called "Catching Bass." It's a quick chat with Mayor Pete Bass who will update us on what is new in New Milford.

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This morning we found out about a new law enforcement resource for the New Milford Police Department, a helicopter. Not only did New Milford add this new tool but they did it at no cost to the taxpayer. Mayor Bass told us the following:

"Under Chief Cerruto, he's done a fabulous job for us up in New Milford. Some of the the things he's brought to town was, we actually have a police helicopter now here in New Milford. It helps with search and rescue and helps surrounding towns, and he did it in a way where we partnered with a non-profit, so the cost to the town for the helicopter is zero."

One word came to mind when the Mayor told us this bit of information, and that is awesome. We told the Mayor as much and he replied "that's what I said."

A helicopter isn't the only toy in the arsenal, Mayor Bass said, "We also have now a motorcycle enforcement, we have two New Milford motorcycles now that you'll be seeing again this year, a lot for traffic enforcement, especially on Route and some of our major arteries."

The Mayor was raving about the leadership of Chief Spencer Cerruto, and the entire New Milford PD, and rightfully so.

You can listen to our discussion about the helicopter below or listen to the audio player below it which contains the entire interview from (3/31/22). In the long-form interview, we discussed the update on the Cherniske Road bridge, restaurant week and Ella the tracking dog.

Don't miss New Milford Mayor Pete Bass every Thursday on the Ethan and Lou Show at 9:20 am.

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