He's the greatest meteorologist of our time, a man who can pause a weather system and start it right back up, his name is Jack Drake AKA "Jack on the Reels."

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Jack studied Meteorology at Western Connecticut State University, graduated, is a certified weatherman and has parlayed all his hard work into a unpaid gig as the official weather czar of the Ethan & Lou Morning Show.


We asked Jack to join us on Wednesday (1/26/22) and breakdown the upcoming weekend storm and it looks like it could be a tough one. At first, Jack was unwilling to give an estimate of snow accumulation but warned this storm "has high end potential."

If you have plans for Saturday, like I do, you may want to rethink them. I asked Jack whether I should be optimistic about my weekend social gathering, he responded by saying:

"I would tread carefully on that. You know there is still the potential that it could blow out of here by Saturday afternoon, we're left with 3-6 inches and it's no big deal. But on the flipside, I think there is an equal likelihood that we have over a foot of snow on the ground Saturday evening, maybe it's still snowing." 

We asked Jack to give us an idea of when the snow will start and he said he thinks it will begin between late Friday night and early morning Saturday morning. If you want to hear our entire conversation with Jack "On the Reels", listen in the video player below.

Why is he the greatest Meteorologist of all-time? Because he's our meteorologist, because he's from Bethel, because he works for the passion of it and because he poses for photos with cheese pizzas, that's why.

Hey, check out Jack's baby.

Katarina Drake
Katarina Drake

P.S. I have the same exact shirt Jack is wearing in that pizza photo.

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