On Friday June 16, the Bethel Police Department began asking the public's help in identifying this person.

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The Bethel Police Department issued this statement:

"We need your help in identifying this individual who was involved in an incident at Bethel Public Library this afternoon. If you know this person, please contact Sergeant Zavatsky at 203-744-7900."

And this photo:

Bethel Police Department
Bethel Police Department

This kind of post is pretty typical from law enforcement agencies, they give you enough to get you interested but not enough to know what the "incident" was. It's easy to see how sharing too much information could come back to burn the cops so I get it but it's frustrating as a nosy person. When it comes to "incidents" I want to know what the hell went down.

Sometimes, I like to imagine the "incident" in question is something super positive. Like maybe the guy was singing a beautiful song and the folks at the library never got a chance to get his contact information before he left?

Maybe someone at the library has a BBQ coming up and they'd like to hire an a Capella singer to bring the house down between chicken courses? Maybe the library called the police super worried that they'd never get to hear that luscious voice again?

Maybe authorities want to identify the guy to see if he does something special with his hair, or is that just good genetics and Pantene Pro-V? You don't always have to jump to negative conclusions people, it could be good. I mean, it's definitely not good but it could be.

Again, If you know this person, please contact Sergeant Zavatsky at 203-744-7900.

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