Dave Portnoy is a media mogul who has made his living saying what he wants, when he wants on his Barstool Sports platform.

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Not only is "El Pres" the boss of an anti P.C. website, but his pizza reviews can put a restaurant on the map or ruin them for good. Portnoy has a segment called "One Bite Pizza Reviews" where he goes to pizza places, takes a bite and rates it on the spot. Recently, he went to Milford, CT to try and rate "Papa's Pizza."

He gave "Papa's Pizza" an 8.1 which is pretty impressive. Let's see how that stacks up to some of the best of all time. 8.1 means that Papa's Pizza would be ranked in the Top 105 places that Portnoy has rated.

Here are places that ranked the highest of all time (NOTE: There are ties):

1. Monte's Restaurant - Lynn, MA - 10

2. Di Fara Pizza - Brooklyn, NY - 9.4

2. Frank Pepe Pizzeria De Napoletana - Chestnut Hill, MA - 9.4

2. DeLucia's Brick Oven Pizza - Raritan, NJ - 9.4

It's interesting, he's from Massachusetts and in the early years of his reviews Connecticut pizza places were dominating this list but now when you look at the Top 20 it is rich with Mass-hole pizza joints. Mediate on that.

Here are some notable CT pizza spots that have ranked highly over the years:

11. Sally's Apizza - New Haven, CT - 9.2

27. Modern Apizza - New Haven, CT - 8.8

37. Roseland Apizza - Derby, CT - 8.6

51. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana - New Haven, CT - 8.5

51. John & Maria’s Pizzeria - East Haven, CT - 8.5

Congratulations to Papa's Pizza! It was a respectable showing and people are definitely keeping score on this.

P.S. It's pretty impressive that a Youtube page with a dude rating pizza has 950 thousand subscribers but it is the situation we find ourselves in. But you need to wonder how much of what I just said has to do with me wanting to work for him? Sometimes you just know where you belong.

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