Who knew?  There are baby names you can't use because they're banned in New England and New York with specific baby-naming rules that are state-regulated, too.

Now, clearly naming your children something unique or plain ridiculous isn't banned, as celebrities have taught us.  According to Vogue Magazine, some of the stranger names like 'Y' or 'Pilot Inspektor' make the list of unusual names.

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Let's start with state laws and then get to the banned names according to Baby Name Quest.

In Connecticut, you may choose any name you want sans the national list of banned names as well as names that aren't for fraudulent or nefarious purposes. The name can't infringe on the rights of another person either and must use English characters.

In New York, besides the nationally banned list, first and middle names can’t be more than 30 characters each and the last name can’t be more than 40. Also, no numbers or symbols are allowed in the name. Numbers and symbols are no-nos.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts only allows letters found on a standard English keyboard.  This means if you were thinking of naming your baby ¦, «, or ±, then you're out of luck.  Now that may seem like a given, but remember, Elon Musk and his wife named their baby X Æ A-12, according to that Vogue article I mentioned above.

Now for the list of names that are banned across the country.  According to US Birth Certificates, you cannot name your baby King, Queen, Jesus Christ, III, Santa Claus, Majesty, Misteri (insert the N-word here), Adolf Hitler, Messiah, @, or 1069.

Some of these names are banned because of court cases initiated by a single person or parents, which led to a nationwide ban.  You can read more about those in this article from The Huffington Post.

If you want to see names banned around the world, click here.

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