Oh baby is this movie good.

If you haven't had the chance to see the new movie Baby Driver yet you're really missing out on an amazing movie experience. Correction. Make that an amazing movie/music experience.

The movie is built around music and a lead character who can't live without it. While there are plenty of great movies that include great songs (particularly great classic rock songs) this movie actually incorporates the beats and rhythms of each song into the scenes making it for one continuous, incredible groove-filled experience. Writer/director Edgar Wright even went as far as providing the actors with a script that included the movie's music on a thumb drive.

Accentuating the top-notch story and acting are the action scenes which sync up to the beat and rhythm of the songs right down to the very last bullet released from the chamber. But the highlight of this movie has to be the "180 in, 180 out" scene. You have to see the complete scene in the theater to believe it. Then again, you may not even believe it. According to Wright this scene involved no special effects, it is 100% real. Here's a quick sneak peek at that scene:

180 IN, 180 OUT:

As if this movie doesn't already have more than enough to earn the cost of the ticket there is a rare but amazing Queen song showcased in the movie called "Brighton Rock"; referred to as "The Killer Track". Wright makes use of every single Freddie Mercury high note and every crunching Brian May guitar riff. If Freddie Mercury were here today he would be nothing but delighted darling!

So do yourself a favor. Go see Baby Driver and I guarantee you will be pleased. CAUTION: You may experience a humming sound in your ears after you leave the theater. Don't worry, just play any of the song below to drown it out.



1. "Bellbottoms" Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
2. "Harlem Shuffle" Bob & Earl
3. "Egyptian Reggae" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
4. "Smokey Joe's La La" Googie Rene
5. "Let's Go Away For Awhile" The Beach Boys
6. "B-A-B-Y" Carla Thomas
7. "Kashmere" Kashmere Stage Band
8. "Unsquare Dance" Dave Brubeck
9. "Neat Neat Neat" The Damned
10. "Easy" The Commodores
11. "Debora" T. Rex
12. "Debra" Beck
13. "Bongolia" Incredible Bongo Band
14. "Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)" The Detroit Emeralds
15. "Early In The Morning" Alexis Korner
16. "The Edge" David McCallum 2
17. "Nowhere to Run" Martha and the Vandellas
18. "Tequila" The Button Down Brass
19. "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby" Sam & Dave
20. "Every Little Bit Hurts" Brenda Holloway
21. "Intermission" Blur
22. "Hocus Pocus" Focus
23. "Radar Love" Golden Earring
24. "Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up"
25. "Know How" Young MC
26. "Brighton Rock" Queen
27. "Easy" Sky Ferreira
28. "Baby Driver" Simon & Garfunkel
29. "Was He Slow (Credit Roll Version)" Kid Koala
30. "Chase Me" Danger Mouse featuring Run the Jewels and Big Boi

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