I love businesses with senses of humor. Here's one I just found - How do you stand out from all of the other Earth Day celebrations around Connecticut? You offer up exotic animal meat from around the world, like Ostrich burgers and Wild Boar stew.

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You came up with a great idea Avon Prime Meats, I congratulate you. Yes, you read that right, Avon Prime Meats has scheduled Exotic Weekend as their way to celebrate Earth Day. The event will take place this weekend, Saturday & Sunday April 22-23, 2023. According to their social media post, Avon Prime Meats will 'Take a break from the "norm' and sell exotic meats like Elk rack & medallions, Rabbit, Duck breast, Ostrich patties, Bison ribeye, and Wild Boar stew meat & sausages.

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Avon Prime Meats is located at 395 West Main Street (Rt.44) in Avon, and it's a fantastic local marketplace. You can typically find exotic meat year round there, so if you are craving alligator meat, there's your hook-up. Avon Prime is also where I go if I want to stare at a genuine Wagyu Beef strip. One of these days, I will be able to afford one.

Earth Day 2023 is Saturday, and it's an annual event held in support for environmental protection. In support of Avon Prime and other fellow carnivores with senses of humor, I think it's an inventive way to celebrate the Earth, and all of it's bounties. Some choose fiddleheads, and others Elk rack & medallions, there are many ways to celebrate, right?

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