I got caught up reading a thread on Facebook the other day about the old record stores in Waterbury, I used to love shopping at Cheapskate/Phoenix Records, which was The Professor's joint, and there was also Walt Q's Brass City Records. It started me thinking about how much has changed. Yet, you can still find some of the old school places that we loved if you look around.

I've seen the birth of the Compact Disc and Cassingle, and the supposed death of vinyl in my 30 year career in radio. My first true job was at Record Town on Wolcott Street on Waterbury. I started there in 1985 when I was 16 years old. For over 30 years, as an industry professional and as an audiophile, I've watched the music industry that I love evolve. The Record Town I worked at, and every other national music store, have long since been replaced by streaming services and iTunes, except for FYE, there are still a few of those around. Best of all, there are still quite a few local independent music/record stores still operating here in Connecticut.

Just a head's up, in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, check with these places before you head out, some are operating on curbside pickup only rules, some are only offering their merch online, and some are not even physically open at the moment

7 Great Connecticut Record Stores


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