Antonio Brown's hot new Tweet dropped on Thursday (December 19) and it's burning up the Billboard charts. The hit Tweet goes a little something like this:

I think he meant to write "women," but I cannot say for sure. If he did intentionally write  "woman," this delicious Tweet is even more interesting. Who is this white woman? What did this white woman do? What did this white woman not do? We can get down a rabbit hole with that speculation, so let's assume he meant all white women and take it from there.

Since we are adults, we can fill in the blanks with this Tweet, and settle on the idea that Antonio Brown believes that 2019 was a massive failure for him, possibly because of white women. That makes this Tweet the most hilarious thing anyone on Planet Earth said all year.

Remember when Antonio Brown blamed the Pittsburgh Steelers? Remember when Antonio Brown blamed the helmets? Remember when Antonio Brown blamed The Raiders? Remember when Antonio Brown blamed the Patriots? Remember when Antonio Brown blamed the NFL?  I do. I remember all of that.

What I did not consider about this long list of destroyed professional relationships is that white women could have been to blame. It was right in front of me the whole time and I could not see it. Of course, there must have been a clandestine group of white women working to destroy this man's reputation and career.

Antonio Brown is either an immature a-hole or seriously mentally ill. Either way, I hope he does not love football because if he does, he'll look back one day and realize his inability to behave or reach out for help has cost him his chance to continue playing. He'll never play another down in the NFL and does not deserve to.

Robert Deniro said it best in the film A Bronx Tale, "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent."

Antonio Brown is a very talented athlete, there's no way around that, and he is wasting it.

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