Good afternoon Colleen; my name is Ethan Carey. You don't know me because you were only five years old when I bagged groceries at your Fairport, New York store in 1967.

I grew up in Fairport and became accustomed to having a Wegmans Food Market close by until my wife and I moved to New Fairfield, Connecticut in 1979. That's when the 'Wegman's Withdrawals' began.

Over the last 43 years, I've worked at a classic rock radio station based in the greater Danbury area in Northern Fairfield County, CT. As the cohost of I95's Ethan and Lou Morning Show, you can imagine our excitement at learning Connecticut's first Wegmans planned for Norwalk. I wrote an article about the great news you can access by clicking this link.

Truth be told, Colleen, I'm coming into the home stretch of my career here at I95, and when I retire, I'll be searching for a part-time job. If there was a possibility I could land a part-time gig at Wegmans, my circle of life would be complete. But there's only one small catch.

You and the rest of the Wegman's corporate team would need to authorize a new Wegmans Food Market to be erected in Danbury, so I wouldn't need to drive to your Norwalk location every day.

I understand that thousands of people across the country have contacted you begging for a Wegmans in their town or city, which is the purpose of my correspondence. Danbury, Connecticut would be the perfect location for your second Wegman's Food Market and I'll tell you why:

Any individual who is lucky enough to have a Wegmans Food Market in their town or city knows exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you Colleen Wegman for reading my plea for a Wegmans in Danbury.

Sincerely...Ethan Carey...I-95 WRKI

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