I said it when they were working on it, and I'll say it again, that was the fastest I've ever seen anything built.

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Last week, the new and improved Taco Bell on Main Street in Danbury unceremoniously opened their doors back up to customers. It was the call no one wants to get. A few months back, my sister called me in a panic and asked why Taco Bell was closed and if I knew anything about it.

I was nervous, this was terrible news. I can't go without my chalupas, was it real life? It was not, after a mini investigation I learned the doors were shuttered temporarily for renovations and upgrades.

That is when I started stalking the building and following construction progress everyday. I'd drive there and peak in the windows and count every new upgrade. The men and women that worked on this must have been working furiously because that renovation flew by.

This is the picture I took for my last article about it on September 17, 2021.

Lou Milano

Just weeks later it looks like this.

Lou Milano

A finished drive-thru, an entirely different exterior color no more boarded up windows.

Lou Milano

The inside looks so fresh and so clean.

Lou Milano

We are free for liftoff and free to Live Mas.

Lou Milano

Yo quiero Taco Bell indeed. I did put in a call to my sister to let her know that things are back to normal again. The world is back on it's axis and it's raining Cheesy Gordita crunches like you read about. Look at that, you are actually, currently reading about them.

This is also not the first time I've written about them. I had a odd fascination with Taco Bell and I'm willing to make it the news early and often. There was the time Taco Bell announced they would start selling booze in select locations and the time they said they'd start paying salaries to employees upwards of $100,000 in the Northeast. I love Taco Bell, that is all there is to it.

P.S. Excellent work to the folks that were responsible for the remodel, they really did go as quick as is humanly possible.

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