Adam Gase is the new Head Coach of the New York Jets. Gase was brought in after being fired as the Miami Dolphins Head Coach after three seasons. Gase has only three years of experience as a head coach in the NFL and in that time has a combined record of 23-25.

The man who did not get the job and told ESPN he very much wanted it, is called Mike McCarthy. You know McCarthy as the lead singer of the Green Bay Packers. Mike's career totals after 12 years with the team is 125-77. Mike McCarthy also has one of those Super Bowl victories everyone has been talking about.

Back on August 10th of 2018, I wrote a blog for this same website called "How will this play out?" This was on the heels of the Jets drafting Sam Darnold and I thought it would not work out for a variety of reasons. In the article I wrote:

"The Jets, for those who don't know, could ruin anything good."

I was wrong about why it would not work, not all of what I wrote that day was accurate. In fact it was mostly junk, I should have forecast this dumb ass move. Now that we have seen Darnold play, I know I was wrong about the young QB. I was not wrong about how the Jets could/would ruin even the smallest glimmer of hope.

Those of us who saw Sam Darnold play this past season know that he's probably as advertised. He's got a huge upside, he's big, strong and doesn't fold under pressure. Barring a major injury it looks like the Jets may have their franchise QB.

You have the QB, you fired terrible Todd Bowles, you have the 3rd pick in the upcoming NFL draft, plenty of money to play with and some good young talent. How do you screw that up? You blow off Mike McCarthy and hire Adam Gase is how.

The Jets are a joke again, I feel for their fans. I look forward to seeing who they will hire when Gase gets fired three years.

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