Sam Darnold was the big draft pick for the NY Jets. Sam Darnold, for those who don't know has been touted as a real deal and a player who has all the qualities you look for in an NFL QB. The Jets, for those who don't know, could ruin anything good.

The Jets have a long history of bad luck, bad decisions and spoiling a good time. I am a Raiders fan, so I have no business of making fun of any NFL franchise but I am going to do it anyway cause why the hell not?

I have no good reason to believe what I am about to write but I'm going to anyway. I say, it does not work out. I say Sam Darnold ends up being an interception machine who is also plagued by injuries. Could I be wrong? YEP, I could be very wrong cause I have done no research on the matter. If I am right about this it will be just another failure pelt on the wall for the NY Jets.

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