According to ABC News "The Last Days of Michael Jackson" will debut next week on ABC. The two hour special will feature never before seen interviews and insider information on what the "King of Pop's" final days were like.

I am a person who watches a lot of documentaries and it seems the darker the subject matter the more interested I am. Michael Jackson's life was a dark and depressing one from what we have learned about his childhood and the accusations of child abuse late in his life. He's an interseting figure to me but enough already.

I don't want to know MORE about his alleged abuse of children. I think I have heard quite enough. There is a limit to the evil my brain can hear about before I ask "Alexa" to put on Kidz Bop and and add ice cream to the shopping list.

He's a fascinating personality to me but what else can we learn that we have not already? I cannot think of a person in my lifetime, whose time on Earth has been documented as extensively as Michael Jackson. Aside from his undeniable talent his human story is awful and has been told again and again.

He was abused as a kid, worked himself into the ground and likely abused innocent children. It's basically a rerun and a skip for me. UNLESS, It's two hours of watching him climb trees, in that case, I'm in.

Favorite Michael Jackson videos:

6 - Say, Say, Say

5- The Girl is Mine - No official video for this one but I put it in anyway cause it's my favorite Jackson tune. Jackson/Mcartney - CANNOT GO WRONG

4 - Beat It

3 - Billie Jean

2 - Smooth Criminal

1 - Thriller - One of the greatest songs ever, the greatest music video EVER.

P.S. I was a bit of Jackson fan. I had the outfit, the glove and I used to moonwalk. I kept all of my memorabilia until I was an adult. When I found out about the "kid stuff" it all went in the trash.




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