Approaching the new Tappan Zee Bridge as we traveled I-87 south as dusk began to descend, was quite the sight to behold!

Mindy and I were returning from a relaxing weekend in Cape May on the Jersey Shore. We were coming into the home stretch of our 4 1/2 hour drive traveling I-87 south in slow moving traffic when we saw it, the new Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, better know as The Tappan Zee. It was around 6:30pm and the sun was getting ready to set as we approached the bridge and all of a sudden I felt like I was gazing at a futuristic movie set. As I was driving, I grabbed my iphone when Mindy started yelling letting me know in no uncertain terms was I to attempt snapping a photo as I was driving, so actually she gets the photo credit.

The New Tappan Zee Bridge - Photo Credit- Ethan Carey
The New Tappan Zee Bridge - Photo Credit- Ethan Carey

I'd never seen anything like this in my life. My parents didn't take my brothers and I out very often when we were kids, well maybe to Erie, PA where I was born. You know what they say about Erie, 'Erie Pennsylvania, the mistake by the lake.' This is the reason I couldn't stop staring at this beautiful bridge.

The new Tappan Zee Bridge measures 3.1 miles across the Hudson River and construction  costs came close to $4 billion. It took 14 miles of main span cables, 50 miles of foundation pilings, 300 cubic yards of concrete, and 200 million pounds of U.S Steel to build. If you love bridges like I love bridges, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge is a must see. It will blow your mind! My suggestion would be to drive down when it gets dark, but don't be an ass clown and try to take the photo while you're driving.

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