According to CBS News a bee that was thought to be extinct, is not and it's quite big. The bee is called "Wallace's Giant Bee." It's named after Alfred Russell Wallace the explorer who discovered it. It's the size of the human thumb and it was recently spotted in Indonesia by Clay Bolt, a Natural history and conservation photographer.

I was hoping for some less terrifying news to share with you today but NOPE, no. It's time to freak out. You know what they say, one day it's Indonesia and the next it's in Brookfield. Yeah, imagine if you will, an entire hive of thumb sized bees and tell me I'm overreacting.

Even scarier are the reported efforts to protect it from REAL extinction. These nature people are back here in the states working on that very thing right now. They wanna protect IT. Are you hearing me OK? How bout someone protect me?

I live in a world where Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un exist and now I gotta worry about thumb bees eating me to death? No thanks. Grab a pitchfork and put on a helmet we got some bugs with faces to kill.

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