Recently we flocked to social media and asked our you to tell us a cool story about an old relative or ancestor of yours. We loved hearing all of your responses. I’m big into genealogy and learning interest tidbits about the past, so this was a treat! Unfortunately, nothing interesting on my end…

We had some unique responses pop up that we’d like to share. I chose a few of my favorite responses from the Facebook and Instagram post. Check them out below:

Andre Lawrence:

A French ancestor, Ferdinand d’Esterno wrote the book on the Flight of Birds which helped advance the development of aviation.

Angela Atwood:

My Opa served in the navy during WWII. My Oma would tell me stories of when she was growing up in Germany how there was an abandon castle on the property next door and she use to play in it. Also even though I don’t think a lot of people will find this cool but my Abuelo refurbished antique furniture/houses which is how he was granted approval for him and his family (my aunt, uncles, my father and of course my Abuela) to come to America from Costa Rica. I miss my grandparents and will always remember my time with them when they were alive


My cousin Nora Keene survived the Titanic. She was insistent on putting on her corset and her roommate on the ship threw it out the window to get her up to the lifeboats faster

Erik Scuterud:

I am related to Samuel Huntington who is a signer of the Declaration of Independence


My grandfather was a famous bass player in the 40’s and 50’s. Played with Stan Kenton, Benny Goodman and Bonny Darrin: and was Downbeat Award winner 1946-1953 best bass player. The first electric bass amp@was made for him.

Josh Witrock:

Grandfather lived though the holocaust and lived on to be 89 passed away in 2005 peacefully to join his wife he lost in 1997

Pat Marrone Vasi:

My father was a medic in a MASH unit during WWII- he was at Normandy a couple of days after they stormed the beach to take care of the wounded. He died 2 years ago at the age of 92. Was a proud veteran!


My great-grandfather and his father were brought from Italy to the US by Mark Twain to maintain his properties in CT. My grandmother’s family settled in Georgetown (Ridgefield) as a result.

Shane Lamay:

Great Uncle Curtis Lemay was George Wallace’s running mate in the 1968 presidential campaign.

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