Meditation, yoga, prayer and exercise are all good ways to reduce stress and avoid anger.

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What if you wanted to induce it? How would you go about that? If you wanted to piss someone off, what would you do? What would you say? There are 8 Ways to do it in my hometown, Danbury, Connecticut.

8 Good Ways to Piss Off a Danbury Resident

Why would you want to piss off someone from Danbury? I'm not exactly sure but if that is your goal, at least one of the 8 things will work.

I consider myself a bit of an expert on the matter, anger has always been my "go-to" emotion. As I have gotten older, at least I can recognize how pointless it is, and take steps to remove it from my array.

All that said, I still how get to get angry, and what gets people riled up, especially in the Hat City. You don't believe me? Go ahead and try those on someone from the D-Block and see if they don't see red, at least once.

George is getting upset! 

We talked about the 8 Good Ways to Piss of a Danbury Resident on the I-95 Morning Show on Wednesday (11/9/22) briefly. We were teasing the article and then dove into some of our other local stories. Dave wrote about two famous donuts shops in CT. We also examined the claim that Brookfield is one of the most boring towns in all of CT. You can listen to that segment below.

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