According to Variety, Netflix is planning on spending in the ballpark of $8 billion on original content THIS YEAR! That will bring them to a total of somewhere around 700 original shows, specials and movies. The digital powerhouse will create some of this in house and purchase the rest. This is all according to their CFO David Wells.

If the Ancient Egyptians had Netflix there would be no pyramids. You cannot work when you are knee deep in a binge and I know that better than anyone. I am a proud customer of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I also know that I can't start watching any of these digital content mega stores before 6pm or I will accomplish nothing.

I love TV as much as the next guy. In fact, I love TV way more than the next guy. Is it possible we have too much of it though? I say yes. We are way past too many choices. We blew threw that STOP sign years ago. There is now a show for everything. I watched a show on VICELAND via Hulu the other day called "The Pizza Show." This dude goes and eats pizza at different places. The fact that this show exists is proof that we will televise anything and we will watch anything.

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