Sweaty palms? I assume so, mine would be if I was traveling 40 miles per hour down a hill in Danbury.

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That is the speed claim made by "Exis Anon" on Youtube. The video was posted to Youtube on January 7, 2016 and is titled "Danbury CT (40mph)."

It was awhile ago, you cannot see the rider's faces and there is no way for me to confirm their speed, or if this is even Danbury, but it was pretty cool to look at. By looking at the other videos on the "Exis Anon" Youtube page, it becomes clear that this was not there first rodeo.

As I was watching it, I started to think about the people who will preach about how dangerous this is for the riders, drivers and pedestrians, and it is but WOW. What they won't talk about is the "pouch" it takes to do this. You have to have a special kind of ice in your veins to go that speed with nothing protecting you from the road, except a flawless run. One mistake, and it's over.

I'll give them this, that is way more entertaining than 90% of the viral videos I see on social media.

P.S. That is one of the things about being young that is both a "pro" and a "con." When you're young and only responsible for yourself, fear plays a very small role in your life. As you get older, get married and have kids, the picture becomes very clear, life is fragile and chances like this are not worth it.

I remember my daredevil days, there were plenty of things I did that I'd never try now. There were a ton of moments that I can look back and say I'm lucky to be alive after that.

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