When I was a kid our parents sent us out into the night wearing sweaty rubber masks and wished us well.

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I don't remember being scared but I guess I should have been because I had no jacket, gloves or parental supervision. I was just out begging for candy from strangers and vandalizing quiet neighborhoods with very little resistance.

Things have definitely changed these days, people watch their children, get them home at a reasonable hour and limit their sugar intake. Then, the parents get a babysitter and visit a haunted attraction that looks so real people vomit and urinate on themselves. Man, human beings are weird and I love it.

There is nothing quite like the physical and emotional rush of being scared or scaring someone. But where can you go for such a service? There are so many haunted attractions that you will lose count but if you're anything like me, you just want to know where the nearest ones are.

4 Halloween Attractions Just a Short Ride From Danbury, CT

I love and want the best of every experience, including Halloween attractions. What makes something "better" or "best" for me has a lot to do with how close it is to my bedroom. I have no interest in driving all over the State of Connecticut to find a Halloween experience. If you're anything like me you'll love the "4 Halloween Attractions Just a Short Ride from Danbury, CT."

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Let's do this thing so I can get home, that is what I always say.

Haunted Ride Opens Despite Pandemic Ahead Of Halloween
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Haunting in the Hat City - Halloween IS Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury

The Halloween experience in Danbury, CT is all about Deer Hill Avenue. The police close off the street, the homeowners go to great length to decorate their homes and thousands of trick-or-treaters line the street each year in search of candy. Despite some rain, 2022 appeared to be another successful Halloween on DHA. My wife Erica and I brought our daughter Vida (zombie) to enjoy the spooky experience.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

2022's Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas

If you need a Halloween Costume, you're likely to take a cruise through Pinterest, that is how we make all of our decisions these days about clothing and pop art. So, who better to share Halloween Costume Ideas than the folks at Pinterest? Like all good American companies, they are obsessed with their own analytics. They reviewed their numbers, in an effort to tell YOU, what YOU are searching for. These are the top 5 trending Halloween Costume ideas for 2022

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Aurora Photography
Aurora Photography

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