Looking for a new gig? Next Wednesday, September 16, could be your lucky day!

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The mega-company, Amazon, has announced they will be recruiting over 30,000 individuals by holding career fairs in four different cities throughout the country, including New York. They're looking for qualified candidates for corporate and tech roles where the average salary is $150,000, according to an article in the New York Times.

On Wednesday, September 16, Amazon's Online Career Fair will allow interested individuals to learn what jobs are available across the United States in areas supporting Alexa, operations technology, and Prime Video, according to an article in the Danbury Daily Voice.

Over 1,000 professional recruiters and HR pros will be available to help Amazon job seekers learn what types of jobs are available in New York City, Seattle, Denver, and Phoenix. Amazon will also be holding training sessions in all different roles, from tech and non-tech positions to hourly roles. Attendees to the online job fair can sign up for the various training sessions by clicking on amazoncareerday.com.

Currently there are over 30 Amazon jobs available in Danbury which you can find on Indeed.com from picker/packers to warehouse workers, and order fillers. All of these Amazon jobs start at $15.25 an hour. Full-time jobs pay between $15.25 - $19.25 an hour.

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