One of TV's most acclaimed bad asses, Jack Bauer, is also a singer/songwriter! Who knew?

Jack Bauer, as most of us are aware is actor Kiefer Sutherland who played Counter Terrorism agent, Jack Bauer, on the Fox TV show 24. The show premiered in November 2001 and spanned 192 episodes over eight years, but Sutherland list of TV and film roles over the past four decades is about a mile-long. More recently, however, he's added some music to his repertoire.

According to an article at, back in 2015, Sutherland and best friend Jude Cole decided the time was right to record an album titled Down In A Hole, which are eleven original tunes written by Sutherland. Here's my favorite:

Aside from the acting, and now music, back in '92, Sutherland was a cattle rancher and competitive cattle roper, where he won many events around the country.

On May 27, he straps on his guitar and takes the stage with his band at Daryl's House Club in Pawling. The bad news is the show is already sold out. Check out all the other Daryl's House shows at

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