I moved to Downtown Danbury to be closer to the action, to be able to walk to fun events down on the green and each year the options for a fun night out get better and better. Last year, I heard about the Danbury International Festival for the first time and I figured I would go but I did not expect much.

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I thought, I'll go and hangout for an hour and head home but that did not happen. I went and stayed for hours! The event was packed, the music was great and the food was off the charts. If you only attend two Danbury events this year make sure you go to the San Gennaro Festival and the International Festival.

Here is all the information you need to have a great time at the 2024 Danbury International Festival:

  • Who: You
  • What: The 2024 Danbury International Festival
  • When: Saturday, July 27th from 1pm - 9pm
  • Where: The Danbury Green - 1 National Place, Danbury, CT
  • Why: Maximum Fun!

What You Will Experience:

  • Live Music and Dance: Enjoy performances from talented local and international artists showcasing a variety of musical and dance styles.
  • Global Cuisine: Savor delicious dishes from around the world, prepared by local vendors and food trucks.
  • Cultural Exhibits: Explore cultural displays and learn about the traditions and heritage of the diverse communities that make Danbury unique.
  • Art and Craft Vendors: Browse and purchase unique handmade items from local artisans.

City Center Danbury says:

"The International Festival is a testament to Danbury's commitment to embracing and celebrating its multicultural community.  “CityCenter Danbury is proud to host this event and looks forward to seeing the community come together to enjoy and appreciate the rich cultural diversity that makes Danbury special” – Lazaro Chavez, Executive Director of CityCenter Danbury."

50 Photos from Danbury's Vibrant San Gennaro Festival

Thousands of people came out to Danbury's 2023 San Gennaro Festival and I-95 was lucky enough to be right in the center of it. These are 50+ photos from our three days in Downtown Danbury.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

17 Stunning Danbury Photos Along With Random Odd Facts About the City

The day I took this round of pictures (September 15 or 16th I can't remember), the light all over the city was just perfect. The sun was dancing in all the right places on the buildings, the trees and the grass. I said to hell with it, I'm publishing these photos. But what should I write in the description? I decided to pair the images with odd Danbury facts I gathered from prior articles. 

Maybe this works out, maybe not at least I can say "look at this!"

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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