If you talk to any serious runner they will tell you, you're not racing against the other runners, a marathon is about battling yourself.

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You run against the course and that voice inside that is screaming "PLEASE STOP!" We have a lot of local people that will be living this struggle today at the Boston Marathon.

The Greater-Danbury Area will be well represented on Patriot's Day. (4/17/23). .

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According to the Patch, the following locals will run in Boston today.

Danbury - 

  • John Larosa, 41
Running people
Brookfield - 
  • Gary Ampeloquio, 50
  • Peter Lofink, 62
  • Laena Romond, 40
All three Brookfield runners also ran the Marathon in 2022.
Sport. Young athlete drinking water of bottle after running
Bethel - 
  • Kim Hooper-Stanley, 60
Many marathon runners running on city road
Ridgefield - 
  • Karl Anderson, 48
  • Brian Baldwin, 38
  • Tracy Blaumauer, 36
  • Adrianna Davis, 23
  • David De Lange, 56
  • Peter Greco, 40
  • JP Milot, 55
  • Bonnie Pope, 46
  • Sharon Rosenblatt, 34
  • Sarah Wilson, 24
Karl Anderson, Tracy Blaumauer, JP Milot and Bonnie Pope have all run the race before.
Newtown - 
  • Frances Ashbolt, 62
  • Brenda McRae, 39

Brenda McRae was a returning runner.

young woman runner tying shoelaces on sunrise birdge road
We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show Monday (4/17/23), listen below.

CT will have a total of 403 runners in the race but there are no runners representing New Milford or New Fairfield according to Patch reports.

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I would LOVE to talk to any of these folks on the I-95 Morning Show. Marathons fascinate me and I don't think I am alone.
Here are the questions that are melting my brain:
  • Do marathon runners actually pee themselves during a race?
  • At what point during a marathon are you pushing through extreme pain?
  • Did you cry? If no, how?
  • What makes a human want to do this?
  • Why are the shorts SO short?
  • Do people bump into each other at the beginning?
  • How long did you sleep after the race?
If you are one of the marathon runners listed above, or you know them, please reach out, we have an interview slot for you.
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