According to the Patch, Spirit Halloween stores are about to crop up all over Connecticut.

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The Patch and the company's website say that there will be a variety of locations to visit throughout the Nutmeg State including:

  • Ansonia
  • Milford
  • Southbury
  • Torrington
  • Waterbury
  • Waterford

The other stores are going to be in Bristol, Cromwell, Enfield, Killingly, Lisbon, North Haven and Plainville.

Store openings will begin as early as August and the company says customers can also make purchases online for delivery or in-store pickup. This is not Earth shattering news, every year a million of these stores open up shop, usually in defunct spaces and the fun begins.

I like to play a game with friends when a new store (not Spirit) opens. It's a gambling game where we place future bets. If a bagel shop or a furniture store open in a strip mall we bet on how long they will last. Then we place bets on whether the space will be replaced with a Spirit Halloween or a vape shop. It's a fun game, it requires patience and an erasable calendar.

Here are some of the new toys and costumes coming to Spirit this year.

I'm most interested in this purple nut sack they are selling this year.

Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween

It's actually called the "6 Ft Cotton Candy Cocoon Static Hanging Prop - Killer Klowns from Outer Space" and will only cost you $150. Here is the product description in case you're in need of more information:

Better hope you don't run into any Killer Klowns equipped with a Cotton Candy Gun this Halloween or you could get zapped into this Cotton Candy Cocoon Static Prop for yourself! This officially licensed prop features details just like in the movie. With a red face being consumed by the bright pink cotton candy exterior, this static prop will have your home looking straight out of a scene from the film. Hang it from the ceiling and you'll have your guests always looking over their shoulders for some Killer Klowns once they see this prop on display this Halloween.

I don't know why you needed all of that information, I saw the picture and placed my order.

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