New York, New York a city so nice they named it twice! How many New York towns can you think of that share the same name? The Empire State has more than a few repeat names and we have listed a bunch of them below.

There are 933 towns in New York State and about a dozen of those towns share the same name. That isn't even counting the places, like Amsterdam, where the City and Town share the same name. These are 2 totally different locations within our borders.

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Before we get to the list of New York towns that share the same name here are some town facts you might not have known. New York State has some of the biggest cities in the World but it's our small towns that give us flavor. Did you know;

  • The potato chip was invented in Saratoga
  • The legend of Rip Van Winkle was created in the Catskills
  • The World's smallest church is in Oneida

New York State is home to the only Stephentown in the World. You can look far and wide but won't find another Stephen outside of the one we have in Rensselaer County but that's another story.

New York Towns That Share the Same Name

Is New York State so big that there is room for 2 towns with the same name? Yes! Did the settlers of the Empire State forget they already named one town Rochester before naming the second one...Rochester? Whatever the reasons are, here are a few New York towns that share the same name.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

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