Almost everything I know about the world comes from television and movies, the rest I went in search of out of curiosity.

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I should probably feel some level of shame about that but I don't and its the truth. I don't think I am alone in this, there are probably a lot of people who've gathered their personal wisdom in this way. Those of us who did learn this way, tend to have a ton of useless and unrelated information. It may be useless in most places, but it can't hurt to know this stuff on trivia night.

11 Unreasonably Useless Trivia Facts About the State of CT

I've learned a lot about the State of CT in the past few years while conducting research for my articles and most of it has no application in the real world. So, instead of sitting on it, I thought I'd share some of this completely useless knowledge with you. These are 11 Unreasonably Useless Trivia Facts About The State of CT.

Trivia nights at the bar can be fun but they are vastly different from place to place. Many of them are easy, sometimes too easy. Then, it can go the other way, there are some trivia hosts that need to calm down a bit. They need to remember they are in a bar with drunk people and not on the set of Jeopardy. We're just trying to have fun with our friends not make people cry.

See Newtown Sanitarium Through the Lens of an Award Winning Photographer

Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital is located in Newtown, CT. The campus has been in varying degrees of restoration/development since it closed on 1995. The Town of Newtown owns it and has turned some structures into municipal buildings while others have been leased out to private businesses. The remaining vacant structures have become magnets for ghost hunters and artists.

Recently, I spoke to one of those artists, a photographer named Bryant Abbot. Our digital talk was unique and entertaining. Abbot shared his photos, his personal story and his inspirations with me. Below are his pictures of Fairfield Hills and some of what we talked about. 

7 Reasons You Should NOT Move to CT

Every place has it's Pros and Cons but this is not a PROS/CONS list. This is a list of things that absolutely suck about the Nutmeg State, and they are real. You can take off points for exaggeration but you'll still find yourself in a mountain of truth. These are 7 reasons you should NOT move to CT 

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