Ever feel like you're glancing at your smart phone every other minute? You're not alone. According to Zippia, Americans check their phones an average of ninety-six times per day, or once every ten minutes. Their studies also concluded that the average American spends at least five hours on their phone per day.

New Yorkers are on their phones quite a bit, though the state ranked 27th overall for cell phone usage, according to Amerisleep.

But would you give up your phone entirely if it meant you could get paid? If you said yes, then a company from New York might be interested in hiring you.

Get Paid to Give Up Your Smart Phone 

PIX11 reports that a New York-based company known as Siggi’s Dairy is offering $10,000 to anyone who can stay away from their smartphones for an entire month.


According to WHTR, participants will also have to write a 100-500 word essay on why they need to give up their phones, (or, "digital detox") and how it will affect their lives in a positive manner.

These Cell Phone Etiquette Rules Are Constantly Broken In New York State

Fellow New Yorkers are fed up with these obnoxious cell phone habits.

Gallery Credit: Megan Carter/Canva

Just How Loud is New York? 

According to a new study by Preply, New York City was ranked the sixth loudest talking city in the U.S. But while that may not come as a surprise, how loud is the rest of the state?

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Preply ranked the loudest states by a number of factors, and Louisiana was 1st with a loudest score of 94.7. New Jersey was 3rd at 90.6. Was where was New York? According to the study, we were tied at 15th with Oklahoma with a score of 84.6.

So, when you average out the entire state outside of just New York City, we're pretty loud, though not nearly as loud as other places.

Massachusetts was 8th overall, Pennsylvania 14th, and Connecticut 27th.

Do These Noises Bother You?

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