New York State is filled with everything from city life to farm life. We have the arts, great food and some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. With all that the Empire State has to offer you would think out-of-staters would know that New York isn't just Manhattan, but they don't.

Here are 10 Things People Say When They Hear You Are From New York.

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I am originally from Connecticut and i have to admit that I was somewhat ignorant to the size of New York State. Aside from that I had a pretty good handle of the fact that there is New York (the 5 boroughs), New York (the city) and Upstate New York.

Now that I've lived here a few years I understand there is further defined by the Capital Region, Central New York, Western New York, the Adirondacks, North Country, etc. What I don't understand is that out-of-staters don't seem to understand that New York is more than 1 city.

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Even if you do a quick Google search on anything you are curious about in New York State, more often than not, New York City is the result. I'm offended! When you tell someone that you are from New York, how many of these responses have you heard?

Top 10 Things People Say When They Hear You Are From New York

New York State is home to nearly 20 million people, spread across 54,000 square miles of land with mountains, farms and lakes. When you tell someone you are from New York, they seem to think you live in Manhattan. Here are the Top 10 things people say when you tell them you are from New York.

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