Bacon and Brew

Ever Try Laquered Bacon? Here’s a Cool Recipe
This recipe sounds great for bacon lovers and would make a nice gift for dad for Father's Day, if he likes bacon that is. It's a recipe from Alton Brown and he calls it Lacquered Bacon. Instead of frying bacon in a pan you bake it in the oven. It sounds a little weird to do it that way, co…
Is Beer Actually Healthy for You?
Have you ever overheard someone in a bar trying to decide what they're going to drink? There is an entire process going through that person's head trying to pick something that will taste good but also something that won't make them bloat.
Here’s The Beer List for Bacon & Brew
If you've been to a previous i95 event, you know we take our beer pretty seriously! Here is the official list of beers we'll have available at Bacon & Brew July 18 on the CityCenter Danbury green.

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