From an article in Gothamist.comThe Caputo Cup Pizza Competition, Italy's most prestigious pizza contest was held in the Big Apple this year. The Masters in pizza making from around the world came together for a two day pizza summit with over 100 chefs competing for first place in two categories: best 'Neopolitan' and best 'New York Style' pizza. 

Master pizza chefs created and cooked their pizzas in front of a small crowd and three esteemed food critics. Each chef came with their own dough, sauce, cheese, and oil as the gallery looked on longingly with stomachs growling.

Getty Images

Up for grabs was a $1,000 check for the 1st place winner in each category and passes to the 'International Pizza Expo' in Las Vegas. One of the contestants, a pizza maker from Seattle, had an impressive  once made 30 custom pies for President Obama and staffers that were hand delivered to Air Force One. Obama's preferred slice? Extra spicy!

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner for the best 'Neopolitan Style Pizza' went to Jesus Solis from Forcella in Brooklyn. Best 'New York Style Pizza' went to, you're not gonna believe this, Norma Knepp from 'Norma's Pizza in Manheim, PA. Whaaaat? She doesn't even have a website!! It's in the middle of frickin' nowhere between farms and an auction house! Here's a ''Google Instant Street View' photo.

Google Street View photo of 'Norma's Pizza' in Manheim PA, population 4,800

Congrats Norma!! If you were asked to name the best pizza you've ever tasted, still in business or not, anywhere in the world, what's the name of the establishment and where is it located?

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