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Would You Go to an Ex's Wedding if Invited? Local People Respond
I was reading about a guy online this morning who got an invitation to his ex-girlfriend's wedding. The woman sent the invitation, he RSVP'd that he would be going and put something pretty weird on the RSVP. There was a section where you could request a song and this is where he wrote: &qu…
Do Women Like Chest Hair on Men or No?
We read a survey by YouGov this morning on the Ethan and Lou show where they say 28% of women like chest hair on men and 35% don't. The rest apparently do not care. Based on my own personal life experience I feel like it's more of a 50/50 thing.
Guy Claims Facebook Harassed Him After He Tried to Quit
According to PJ Media Henry Graber says he logged off Facebook on June 6th with the intention of quitting and the social media giant has been harassing him since. Grabar says he received 17 e-mails in the 9 days following logging off asking him to return.
Wal-Mart Shopper Makes 1,000 Fake Returns
According to CNN Thomas Frudaker is accused of making fraudulent returns at over 1,000 Wal-Mart stores. The 23 year old was arrested and has been charged with theft, fraudulent schemes and criminal damage.
Please Stop Being Barefoot on Airplanes
A friend of mine recently was on an airplane and said the person next to him took of their shoes and socks on the plane. I have seen this savage maneuver myself a few times and I'm here to ask that this please stop forever.
'Incredibles 2' is Making Some Moviegoers Sick
Some viewers took to social media to share their experiences. People have complained of becoming nauseous, getting headaches and even fainting. People with light sensitivity should carefully consider whether they want to see this movie. It could potentially cause a seizure.
No A/C, No Pool + Heat Wave = Bad Options
Our local area is going to see high's approaching 95 today and this means it's decision making time. If you are working outside you need to start thinking about a sick day. If you don't have a pool or air conditioning you may have to find a public pool which is the worst.