What's going on?

Boy Band 98 Degrees Tossed Out of Connecticut Parking Lot
So nosy people were wondering what's the deal with the tour buses, they call the Stop N' Shop, Stop N' Shop says, yeah it's 98 Degrees we want them to leave too guess we better get on that. You don't kick 98 Degrees out of your parking lot....what were they thinking?
Thor Is Going to Look Real Good in Pinstripes
According to the NY Post an "industry insider" says the Yankees, Mets and Marlins are attempting a blockbuster three team trade. The trade would send Noah Syndergaard to the Yankees, the Mets would get stud catcher JT Realmuto.
Danbury Has No 'Santa Con' - What's With That?
It's the annual celebration that brings drunken Santa's everywhere out into the streets, stinking of booze and peeing in alleyways. It's observed in cities all throughout the country but not here in Danbury.
Mark Boughton Says Don't Eat the Dirt in Danbury
According to a recent report from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the state of Connecticut has many contamination issues that date back to our industrial past. On a more local front, several Danbury sites were listed in the DEEP findings shared in the article...
What Did They Say To Each Other? Caption This
Photographs like this are rare. Seeing four living President's sitting together and having the image captured for all of time is a special thing. Now let's not waste this opportunity, let's speculate on what might have been said.
Did someone tell someone else to "shove over...