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Bonus Round of Ethan and Lou's Missed Headlines
You know we are having a good day when we hit you with not one, not two but THREE rounds of Missed Headlines. And it's particularly serious when we take it out of the studio and into the lobby. Here is your bonus Missed Headlines where we discus: A severed man member, a nude suspect on the run…
Radio Station Air Freshener Woefully Inappropriate for Season
Next thing you know people will be bringing bathing suits and pool noodles to Thanksgiving dinner. Or hell, let's play Jimmy Buffet's greatest hits CD on Christmas morning because apparently what is right, what is just, no longer has any meaning.
Saw Mill/Roaring Brook Rd Changes Proposed
According to Lohud the NY State Department of Transportation is reccomending a plan that could bring some relief to a major traffic point on the Saw Mill River Parkway. The Roaring Brook Road intersection of the Saw Mill is the matter at hand. The DOT recommendations are being discussed by the Chapa…
Jim Cantore Doing Jim Cantore Things
Cantore is the cowboy of the weather game, he's famous for pushing ahead to broadcast in weather situations most won't consider. He's pretty much the Scrappy Doo of weather. He was back at it.
Lou: 'I Won the Yankee Fan Group Text Last Night'
I take part in several Yankee fan group texts during playoff games. The phone started buzzing before the game last night and I was not having it. I did not have a good feeling going into last night's ALDS game versus the Red Sox and knew I needed an out. My Dad, My Uncle and my brother in law s…
Lou: 'Yanks Are to Blame, They Don't Have the Eye of the Tiger'
They played scared. They chased pitches out of the zone, stranded a million base runners and never got a rally. Every pitcher who saw J.D. Martinez step in the box, gave up before the first pitch was thrown. They believed everything that they heard. They believed they were facing an unstoppable mach…
IN MY HOME!!! WHERE MY WIFE SLEEPS, Where My Children Come to Pla
You gotta show some pride and the Yankees did not last night. Losing 16-1 in front of your home crowd, against your biggest rival in a playoff game is nothing short of an embarrassment. That crowd was rocking at first pitch and the air was let out of the stadium in a hurry.
Reliable Weather Sources Predict an El Nino Winter
Does an El Nino winter mean gloom and doom?
Accuweather.com. and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration better known as NOAA has gone on record predicting that the return of El Nino will affect the 2019 winter weather patterns along the n…
Derrick Lewis Stole the Show at UFC 229
How do you top the extra curricular activity that took place after the Khabib/McGregor fight? You remove your pants after a victory and tell the truth about why you did it, that's how.
Mystery Light in California Sky Breaks Internet
According to CNN, Elon Musk's Falcon 9 Rocket blasted off into the California night sky Sunday. The internet then broke with theories about space invaders meteors crashing to planet Earth. The purpose of the launch was to deliver an Argentinian satellite into orbit and the mission was a success…