The Juggalos, Fans of Insane Clown Posse Marched on Washington
According to the NY Post, in 2011 the FBI classified the "Juggalos" the fans of I.C.P. a gang. On Saturday the "Juggalos" marched on the mall in Washington D.C. to protest that decision and I can only imagine it was a meeting of some of the best and brightest in America.
My Daughter’s Loyalty is Unquestionable
It's possible that the subject of fandom in my house has reached an uncomfortable level. My boys, who are love so much are branching out and having ideas of their own on what sports teams to root for. While I support their exploration of their own ideas they are hurtful little dudes.
Is This the Smartest or Dumbest Move in History?
First, the dirt is set way back in their yard. Second, the dirt has grass growing out of it and rock debris in it. So you are not only gonna have a hard time finding a market for your dirt but they have to drive their truck on your lawn to get it.