So I got a call from comedian and friend PJ Walsh a few months ago and he asked me to come out of comedy retirement and do stand up to benefit the veterans at Brewster High School.

So a friend asks a favor, it benefits U.S. veterans and it is at your high school; SAY NO, I dare you.

Come out Friday night and see two Irish, self-loathing weirdos who have great jobs make dumb jokes and your money goes directly to people who agreed to sacrifice their life for yours!  OK, you feel guilty yet?  If you know PJ and his work, if you listen to the I-95 Morning show, if you love our military, if you are from Brewster High School then you need to be at this show.  It's 20 bucks a ticket and all the money goes to a great cause.  Come out, have fun and help those who help us. for tickets or go to:

Kobackers or Aversano's in Brewster, NY for tickets.

It's a 13 yrs. or older show.