Just for fun, I clicked on Amazon.com in search of some of the more unusual items for sale from this mega online store. Here are some of things I found.


1. Ladygasm Silicone Sloan Vibrator...Description: "This product is the perfect size for all women. Ten different vibration modes guarantee you'll find a mode you'll love plus this is one whisper quiet female adult toy. C'mon treat yourself to a little bit of pleasure, don't you deserve it?".......... Who writes this stuff?!! Amazon priced at $15.50 with 4 out of 5 stars.

2. Men's Padded Butt Booster ...Description: "One piece padding with foam padding built right into the buttocks. Pre-shaped padded panty is contoured to resemble a realistic round bottom. The inside is a bit concave so your bottom fits snugly against it." No one in our family really has a pronounced butt to speak of. Maybe this is the way to go!............Amazon priced at $21.90 for a bigger butt!

3. Prank Star Brown Poo Dough....Description: "Mix and swirl the two tones of brown poo dough and place into pool mode to make your own poo. To make even grosser, use the yellow poo mold to make authentic looking.......... Place it all around the house to prank family and guests then sit back and enjoy the laughs!" ...........Amazon priced at $9.18 and gets 5 out of 5 stars along with 70 reviews.

4. Bidet4Me....Yes, this is a handheld portable ass washer people! Description: This doesn't need a description. Point it at the "downtown dining and entertainment district" and it will super clean every one of your private parts. Amazon priced at $60.51 and earns 4 out 5 stars. My slogan for this product....."If You've Got An Ass to Wash, Call On the Bidet4Me."

5. Yoni Egg....This jade egg set contains 3 Yoni eggs to keep your lady parts tight and right! These eggs are the perfect compliment when you're doing your kegel exercises ladies. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles naturally, Increase orgasmic potential, increase your Chi or life force, balance your heart chakra or simply give your man, the ride of his life! Amazon priced at $89.00 and earns 5 out of 5 stars!