It's the same in every small town and city in America -- people say, "there is nothing to do around here," and in some places, that is probably true but it's always baffled me when people say it about Danbury.

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Could there be more things to do? Sure, there could, but if you stop and really think about it, there is a lot to do. There is one category where I feel like the Hat City is behind, and that is in its nightlife. When I was a younger man, that wasn't the case -- we had Tuxedo Junction and the surrounding bars that rotated names every three years.

Youtube Video Proves There is More Nightlife in Danbury Than I Thought

I'm at Hat City resident and have been for the last six years, and last year we moved from the Germantown Road area to Downtown Danbury. My wife and I can, and do walk to dinner at places like Pippa's, Empire of the Incas and Two Steps but when dinner is over, sometimes we want to stay out, get some drinks and dance but haven't found a lot of options. Maybe I wasn't looking closely enough or I was overlooking some existing options. I found a new video on Youtube that suggests I am missing something. I know there are some Spanish spots downtown that I've been curious about but never visited and now this video confirms that I need to take a closer look. 

My wife loves to dance, and I'd be nuts not to take her there. The only real question I have is, is she down to clown with the extreme, Olympic-style grinding?

P.S. I only told you how many views the video had when I first saw it so everyone can see that I was responsible for blowing it up.

P.S. 2 - I don't dance, but I'll be with my wife, and she has a way of helping me overcome all of that. She tells me to quit being a b---- and dance.

Full Video Below

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