I read an article in the News Times this morning about a 6-year-old kid making millions on YouTube. He opens new toys to show other kids, gets millions of views, and the cash rolls in. His name is Ryan, and he is the "host" of "Ryan's ToysReview."

I was not surprised to read this. My boys are 9 and 8-years-old. They watch these videos of kids opening new toys. They also watch videos of other kids playing videos. Let me repeat that. They watch other kids having fun on YouTube and if I did not stop them, they could do it for hours.

I have tried to explain to them that this is ridiculous. This is the world that they know. Real entertainment is dead. It died when anyone with a phone could share whatever with the world. When the decision makers saw people were willing to consume it, they said why bother with work, trying, budgets etc. If they want to be spoon fed garbage, we can distribute it and make money.

You have an idea? A thought? A prank? A bowel movement? Grab your phone and share it with the world, and you too can be a star. Everyone is a star now, and yet, no one is.

TV is dead, Hollywood cranks out the same garbage movies and ideas over and over and my business, forget it. Most radio companies have given up all together. Not mine, but most.

What we are left with is 6-year-old kids opening toys for other kids to watch. The toy company makes money, Youtube makes money, the kid makes money, we spend money, and our kids waste time.

It's over. Nail meet coffin. Entertainment is dead. If you don't like poorly produced YouTube videos, superhero movies, anime, cosplay or bad music there's nothing left for you but reliving the glory days.

The options of things to watch and listen to are almost unlimited. They are also almost all bad. It is official, I'm old, cranky, and can not relate to anything I see. To me, everything is a blur. It's all one big phone commercial. You can have it. Somewhere there is a cabin in the woods with my name on it.

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