According to People Magazine Bachelor star Ben Higgins' fiance, Lauren Bushnell, broke up with him, moved out, and took all their furniture. NOT cool, guy! That is just a savage move if I have ever seen one.

I have one buddy that this happened to, exactly. His ex left and took everything. She took the furniture, his clothes, the dishes, pots, pans, coat hanger and the TV. This woman even took the window blinds and the ice trays. Who the hell takes the ice trays? She did it in a matter of hours while he was working. What, did she have a SWAT team of dudes at the ready to help her move?

Now, I could not give a damn about Ben and Lauren. In fact, I did not know who they were until I read the article. I am using it as an excuse to start a conversation about the division of goods after a breakup.

I have had my fair share of break ups, and many of them were ugly. I have never had many expensive items stolen from me by exes, but I have lost plenty. I have been robbed of I don't know how many comfortable hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants and hats. I have had endless amounts of CDs and DVDs stolen, and its pretty rude.

I can understand the music and the movies, but why do you want a sweatshirt that smells like me? I've even seen my sweatshirts worn by exes in Facebook photos with their new significant others. That is just weird.

What have you lost in a break up? Did your lady take something more than the furniture? did she take the ice trays like my buddies ex?


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