There are, in my opinion a few things that are required to give Thanksgiving the right feel. Like Christmas, Thanksgiving is an ambiance holiday of the highest order. Those in charge of hosting, have a few key responsibilities to deliver that ambiance that makes us feel warm and happy. Thanksgiving must haves include:

  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Orange/Brown decorations
  • Soft lighting
  • Booze
  • Football on the TV

That is all you have to do, to deliver the basic package and fulfill your guests needs. If your food is not the best, we can forgive you. If we have to sit too close on the couch, we can let this slide. If you invite the relative that has wild mood swings, we are cool, it happens every year, at every Thanksgiving. As long as you have checked all the boxes I laid out, most everyone in attendance, will walk away happy.

I remember my worst Thanksgiving like it was yesterday. There was a "No TV rule" at this house, this meant no football. What kind of nut job would deny their guests such a wonderful tradition? I was a sports obsessed, teenager with nothing better to do all day but watch football. I was not even given a "heads up" about this goofy policy. I told my parents in no uncertain terms, I'd never allow that to happen to me again and I meant it.

What was weirdest, most incomplete Thanksgiving of all time? Was there something missing? Was there something added that made no sense?

P.S. I do hate turkey but if it wasn't available, I'd question my hosts judgement for the rest of my life. 

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