Auction Screen Bid is selling off items from Dunder Mifflin Scranton right now. As I write this there are 9 days left on the bidding. If you are a fan of "The Office" the way I am these items may be very appealing to you.

Some items up for auction:

  • Jim's phone - Current bid - $1,700
  • Dwight's pencil mug - Current bid - $400
  • Darryl's computer monitor - Current bid - $50
  • Pam's mouse pad - Current bid - $350
  • Erin's message book - Current bid - $125
  • Michael's paper tray - Current bid - $350

This makes me wonder about the rumors of an Office reunion. If the gang is getting back together for "Must See TV" on NBC why would they sell off all this crap? OR maybe a renovation of the space is written into the new episodes and everyone will have new office supplies, desks and lamps.

If I believed for one second that any of the characters ever touched any of this stuff, I'd buy some of it. I should be embarrassed to say that but I am not. Why wouldn't I want Stanley's stapler or Jim's phone?

This is Jim on the phone in question

Here you can see Michael's inbox in the background while he calls Wendy. You see Michael was having a hard time with dating and forced his employees to anonymously submit names & phone numbers of women they think he should date. Someone gave him the name Wendy and the phone number to a "Wendy's."




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