According to Gizmodo, should you want to name a color you can and help is needed. Apparently there are 16.7 million colors in the 24 bit color space and Crayola cannot name them all on their own. You can browse colors and submit name suggestions at if your color name is deemed appropriate that will be it's name officially and forever. I now know what I am doing with my afternoon. I'll be submitting color names that will never get chosen all day to entertain myself. Like this one:


I'll call this "Bag of Asses" because I don't like any shade of purple.

Blaz Kure

Here's "Orange You Curious?"

Artur Kamalov

Finally, "Color Me Badd" both because it looks like poop (bad) and because I love the R & B 90's hit makers by the same name.

Let us take today and have some fun occupying our minds and having a laugh during these difficult times. Let's crash their website with horrificly offensive suggestions for colors. Will you join me? Stay home, wash your hands, name a color.

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