Here is your chance to put down a quote and address the nation about NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Would you have said the same thing that President Trump did? Would you have said the opposite?

My quote would have been short and sweet, and went a little something like this: "Whatever beef you have, whatever your issue may be, it pales in comparison to what the anthem and flag represent. While it is your right to protest however you want, there are always better and less divisive ways to do it without disrespecting our most treasured national symbols."

Boom. Do you see how f------ Presidential I sounded there? That's is some NEXT LEVEL President action right there. A quote like that eliminates a huge segment of Americans from even having the ability to debate you. It's not that it's inarguable, it's that it drops an ass load of people from contention who do not have the faculties to compete on that level.

Hit me with your best shot.

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