Yasiel Puig plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He and the Dodgers won the National League West yesterday by beating the Colorado Rockies 5-2. As is tradition, the Dodgers celebrated this victory in the locker room with booze and nonsensical shouting. Yasiel Puig led the charge with this beauty interview.

I'm not a Dodgers fan but I love the enthusiasm. I respect the WILD prediction and tip my cap to any man who is triple fisting BUD heavies on TV. Get your's Puig, crack that bottle with your teeth, go nipples out on TV, stick your tongue out an dance because it's the end of a long season.

This is exactly how Clubber Lang's prediction would have looked had he consumed forty beers before delivering it.


There is one thing I can do without in the locker room celebration. The coaches trying to dance is hard to watch and it needs to stop.

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