Why is it worth mentioning? Why is it a big deal that these teams will end the regular season playing one another? Simple, they are in the same division and it looks like no one is running away with it.

Assuming the two teams keep doing what they are and they keep trading places at #1 and #2 in the AL East that last series becomes a playoff series. If they go into that last series in Boston at the end of the year separated by 3 games or less, it's a playoff series.

Now instead of trying to lineup your pitching for the ACTUAL playoffs you have to do it for the last series of the year. Winning the division here is everything because the loser could possibly end up hosting a one game wild card with essentially their 4th starter available.

Food for thought....EAT IT.

P.S. This blog gave me a headache. It does not seem like much went into it but I did take a short meeting with Tim Sheehan discussing all the possible end of year scenarios. My head nearly melted.

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