According to the NY Post or anyone watching the game yesterday Phil Nevin lost it on the Yankee bench. The Yankees lost yesterday 7-5 to the hopeless Baltimore Orioles. They lost a game to a team who is 42 games under .500 and to a pitcher in Alex Cobb who, up until yesterday had 2 wins.

Why did he lose his temper? Because Gleyber Torres despite his two home runs was asleep in the infield and he was not alone in that. On top of the sloppy defense, the Yanks had Sonny Gray on the mound who just does not have it AKA bad at baseball.

This is a cultural thing that NEEDS to get straightened out now and I am glad Phil Nevin sent these young guys a message. It was clear to any and everyone the Yankees were looking past the Orioles to the Red Sox and you can't do that in MAJOR league baseball. This is "the bigs" and you have to act like a big boy.

This is not the first time effort has been called into question this season. Gary Sanchez, who happens to be my favorite Yankee famously dogged it down the first base line before being sent back to the DL recently. His cover story ended up being the injury itself and I call B.S. on that. He managed to catch a whole game before with the injury.

The point is the Yankees, as talented as they may be, are in 2nd place, not first. You are chasing the Red Sox who don't lose, so every game is important, even against the Orioles. Get it together, young bucks, the Red Sox are coming and they will bury you if you play the way you did yesterday.

See, Mets fans, I can be critical of my own team.

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