The term has been changed to an Isolation Tank, but why would anyone subject themselves to this odd form of alternative medicine?

Erik Olfgang, a frequent contributor to Connecticut Magazine, recently wrote about his isolation tank visit at PuREST Float in Trumbull describing his session as a "relaxing experience." What's it like? Check out the video.

When the sensory deprivation tank was invented back in 1954, its purpose was to study how sensory deprivation affected the brain. LSD was also a part of the experience back then. It is now known as alternative medicine where individuals use them for lowering stress, pain management, and to combat the affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you'd like to find out what a floating session can help you with, click on

So let me ask that question again. Would you consider a session in an isolation tank, keeping in mind there is intense darkness, no phones, no music. It is sensory nothingness. There are currently 3 float locations in Connecticut.

  1. PuREST Float Center - Trumbull
  2. Surrender to the Float - Guilford
  3. Ifloat - Westport

The closest New York state location to float is in Mount Kisco at Rise Above Floatation.

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