I'm no economic expert, but I'd have to imagine that the potential legalization of marijuana in Connecticut could actually help the black market thrive, no?

You legalize, you tax it, maybe the price is too "high" for some and this strengthens the black market? I honestly have no idea -- I'm asking you.

It's either that or maybe that the quality of the marijuana that would be available at a dispensary is so much better than what is available on the street that the black market vaporizes. Or, could you have the same lab-strength marijuana find its way to the black market?

For someone who claims to be sick of talking about weed (me), I'm doing a bang up job of bringing it up almost every day. It seems to continually provide a sub topic that we can all deliciously disagree on.

Why am I tired of talking about it? Because of this guy:

Burapa Bike Week 2019
Getty Images

The old burnout, hang-around that will not go extinct. This walking cliche refuses to fade into the night. When will this clown disappear? If the recreational use of marijuana has any lingering stigma, it's because of this guy and everyone like him.

You can smoke weed without dressing like a DC comic villain, you can smoke weed without weed becoming your identity. Just sayin.'

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