The magazine in conjunction with the Harvard Injury Control Research Center recently interviewed female victims of gun violence.One of the women interviewed was Jillian Soto, the sister of Victoria Soto, who was a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook and was gunned down trying to protect her students on December 14, 2012.

She turned down the interview the first time because it was coming up on the anniversary of her sister's death, but after rethinking, decided it was important for her to be heard.

Here are some of the results of the survey; 'Women and Guns'

* 63% of women want gun laws to be a major topic of the presidential debates.

* 61% of women who own a gun, own more than one.

* 12% of American women own a gun while 3 times more men own a gun.

* 77% of gun owning women own a gun for protection.

* 1% of women said they've been threatened with a gun in the past five years.

* 51% of women said they would vote for a presidential candidate who vowed to          push for gun control.

* 62% of women say that gun laws should be stricter.

* 10% of women say they think about guns about once a day. 

* 56% of gun owning women think having a gun at home make it a safer place.

Jillian Soto is involved with the group, 'Everytown For Gun Safety,' a program that fights for gun reform. Soto told Marieclaire that, "Now I need to know where the exits are and I need to look for hiding places in large crowds. Every time there's another shooting, I get physically sick."

Jillian Soto - YouTube Screen Shot
Jillian Soto - YouTube Screen Shot

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