Lets's go to the video tap and examine the evidence we have to work with.

What we have here is a classic misunderstanding about whether or not someone farted in someone else's face. Who among us......? It seems the woman in the mask has accused the woman with her back to us of farting in her face (tough spot). I think we can all agree that if the alleged action took place, it's in bad form.

There's not a lot to work with here in terms of evidence, the folks in the foreground are not getting involved or even reacting in a way that indicates they have chosen sides and the video picks up with the alleged defending her position that she did not fart in the other ladies face.

Just for argument's sake, let's say she did fart in this woman's face, OK? That's tough for me to imagine based on the all the empty seats. You mean to tell me that in a nearly empty NYC subway car, the alleged took a standing position in front of a seated woman and beefed one off? I don't know how she would get into that position before farting without getting an objection from the alleged victim.

On the other hand, the alleged victim's reaction, coupled with the empty subway car suggests that if there was a fart that went into a face, it was extremely intentional. Why would a person in a nearly empty subway car, occupy unnecessary real estate going ass to nose when there's no need?

I don't know what to believe, I feel one woman smelled something and for her to insist it was a fart from the other woman, some extraordinary things had to take place and who makes that up? This is one for the ages and I don't know if I can rest until I have answers. That's it, I am launching a Full-scale Ethan & Lou Morning Show investigation into whether there was a fart attack that took place here.

If you or someone you know can provide any information on this incident please Call FART-STOPPERS (Ethan & Lou) on either of our tip-lines at (203)775-9595 AKA I-95 studio or at (203)599-7425 AKA the I-95 Whine Line. Any information that leads to a conclusive truth in the matter will receive a free I-95 T-shirt.

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