Sacramento California's Crystal Jackson says her three small children have been thrown out of school because of her nude "Only Fans" content. According to CBS 13, Jackson and her children are so unwelcome at the Sacred Heart Parish School, they cannot even go to the school to collect the children's belongings.

Jackson goes by "Mrs. Poindexter" on the content application and says she makes $150,000 a month.

On the one hand, it's a Catholic School, what did she expect? On the other hand, this has nothing to do with the safety or well being of any of the students at the school, so who cares?

I find this subject fascinating. "Only Fans" has become a social media phenomena since its launch in 2016. Although the site is not exclusively pornographic, it's best known for its explicit sexual content.

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HuffPost says 30% of all of the data transferred on the internet is of a pornographic nature. With that thick of a crowd, it's easy to be just another site, but "Only Fans" has had an impact I never saw coming. Every time I turn around, I hear "did you hear who has an Only Fans account?"

This is a question I've heard again and again recently. If Crystal Jackson's $150,000 a month number is right, it's no wonder.

We had a discussion about this on yesterday's (2/24/21) Ethan and Lou Show. I told the audience why I would not have an "Only Fans" account, other than the obvious reason, UGH.


  • No one wants me to get naked.
  • I have no interest in money.
  • People are making a lot of money on "Only Fans" and not all of them are doing anything sexual.
  • I'm not judging anyone who does this. I'm not judging, you are judging.

It's not the first time we've talked about "Only Fans " on the Ethan and Lou Show. I pitched Ethan on running a page for him.

According to Influence Marketing Hub, these are the top "Only Fans" earners of 2021, so far:

1 - Blac Chyna - estimated earnings $20 million

2 - Bella Thorne - estimated earnings $11 million

3 - Cardi B - estimated earnings 9.34 million

4 - Tyga - estimated earnings 7.69 million

3 pop musicians and an actress lead the way in earnings, I would have never expected to read that. I am well aware that some people will make a case that they are not artists and instead are "porn-stars" and that's OK, to each their own, that is not my point.

My point is so many people are getting naked bro, naked.

We asked the Ethan and Lou Show Instagram followers if they thought it was "OK" that the kids were kicked out of school because of their mom's "Only Fans" account.

@i95rpck on Instagram
@i95rpck on Instagram

I misused "there," it was supposed to be "their" but, who cares? The point is 90% of respondents are no fan of the children being thrown out of school over this.

P.S. I tagged "Mrs. Poindexter" when I posted the segment from the Ethan and Lou Show, if she responds, I'll try and get her on the show as a guest. Now, we wait......

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